MetLife Pet Insurance: A Comprehensive Review


In the world of pet insurance, MetLife stands out as a provider that offers comprehensive coverage and exceptional customer service. This blog post delves into the overall experience, claims process, customer service, cost, and coverage of MetLife Pet Insurance, providing insights from various reviews and official information.

MetLife Pet Insurance Overall Experience

MetLife Pet Insurance is praised for its solid and reliable financial support in pet ownership. Customers have shared their positive experiences, highlighting the insurer’s role as a real financial partner that treats pets with the utmost care and respect.

The ease of use, streamlined claim filing process, and the insurer’s commitment to pet care are frequently mentioned benefits. The company’s dedication is evident in the heartfelt stories shared by pet families, who have received substantial reimbursements for emergency bills, showcasing MetLife’s commitment to providing the best care possible for pets.

Claims Process With MetLife Pet Insurance

The claims process with MetLife Pet Insurance is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly. Customers can submit claims through various methods, including a mobile app, online portal, email, fax, or mail. The process involves submitting the claim form along with all necessary medical records and vet notes, and an itemized receipt.

Most claims are processed within 10 business days, and reimbursements can be received by check or direct deposit. This efficient process ensures that pet owners can focus on their pet’s health without worrying about the financial burden.

Customer Service

MetLife’s customer service is frequently lauded for its excellence. The insurer provides multiple channels for support, including phone, fax, mail, and email, ensuring that help is readily available when needed. The friendly and knowledgeable support staff are praised for their assistance in selecting plans, answering questions, and guiding customers through the claims process. This level of support is crucial for pet owners seeking reliable and accessible insurance services.

MetLife Pet Insurance Cost

The cost of MetLife Pet Insurance is competitive, with policies starting as low as $9 per month for cats and $15 per month for dogs. However, premiums can vary based on several factors, including the pet’s breed, age, and the area where the pet lives. MetLife offers no breed restrictions or upper-age limits, making it an inclusive option for all pets. The insurer also provides the option to customize plans by adjusting reimbursement rates and deductible amounts, allowing pet owners to tailor their coverage to fit their budget.

Coverage For MetLife Pet Insurance

MetLife Pet Insurance offers extensive coverage for injuries and illnesses, including emergency care, hospitalization, surgeries, hereditary and chronic conditions, periodontal disease, and cancer. The insurer also covers alternative and holistic therapies, providing a comprehensive approach to pet health.

An optional preventative care add-on enhances standard policies with wellness coverage for routine care, such as vaccines, teeth cleaning, and heartworm prevention. However, it’s important to note that certain exclusions apply, such as grooming costs, non-prescription food, and conditions related to breeding.

Actual Customer Reviews

MetLife Pet Insurance has garnered a variety of customer reviews that highlight the insurer’s commitment to providing comprehensive and caring insurance for pets. These reviews offer insights into the real-world experiences of pet owners who have chosen MetLife for their pet insurance needs.

Positive Experiences

  • Ease of Use and Financial Support: Customers have praised MetLife Pet Insurance for its reliability and ease of use, describing it as a solid financial partner in pet ownership. The streamlined claim filing process and the insurer’s dedication to treating pets with care are frequently mentioned benefits.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: One pet owner shared their satisfaction with the coverage options and efficient response to claims, highlighting the value of the insurance for their three dogs. The inclusion of preventative care at no additional charge was particularly appreciated by another customer, who found it beneficial for their boxer pup.
  • Customer Service and Fast Claims: The outstanding customer service and fast claims processing have been highlighted by several customers. One mentioned receiving 90% back on a claim over $4,000 within 10 days, directly into their bank account, showcasing MetLife’s efficiency and support during stressful times.
  • Heartfelt Stories: MetLife Pet Insurance’s impact is also reflected in heartfelt stories shared by pet families. For instance, one customer was able to cover a thousand dollars worth of flea meds for their cat, Oliver, and received prompt reimbursement. Another customer expressed gratitude for the insurer’s support during their puppy Maddie’s first year, covering significant veterinary expenses.

Critical Feedback

  • Concerns from a Veterinarian: A veterinarian expressed dissatisfaction with MetLife Pet Insurance, particularly after the company was acquired by MetLife. The veterinarian faced issues with denied coverage for medications and highlighted concerns about the insurer’s policies affecting those within their own practice. This review suggests room for improvement in how MetLife handles coverage for pets of veterinary professionals.

The majority of customer reviews for MetLife Pet Insurance are overwhelmingly positive, with pet owners appreciating the insurer’s comprehensive coverage, exceptional customer service, and efficient claims process. These testimonials underscore MetLife’s commitment to supporting pet owners and ensuring their pets receive the best care possible. However, the critical feedback from a veterinarian indicates that there may be areas where MetLife could enhance its services and policies, especially regarding coverage for pets of veterinary professionals.


MetLife Pet Insurance emerges as a top choice for pet owners seeking reliable, comprehensive coverage for their furry family members. The insurer’s commitment to customer satisfaction, streamlined claims process, and extensive coverage options make it a standout provider in the pet insurance market. Whether you’re a new pet parent or looking to switch insurance providers, MetLife offers the financial support and peace of mind needed to ensure your pet receives the best care possible. With hundreds of positive reviews and endorsements from satisfied customers, MetLife Pet Insurance is undoubtedly worth considering for your pet’s health and well-being.


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